BCI 2018: Committees

2018 Program Committee

Brendan Allison (Publicity), (San Diego, CA, USA)

Chuck Anderson (Sponsors and Exhibitors), (Fort Collins, CO, USA)

Jennifer Collinger (Publicity), (University of Pittsburgh, USA)

Shangkai Gao (Abstracts), (Beijing, China)

Christoph Guger (Workshops, Finances), (Graz, Austria)

Jane Huggins (Workshops), (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

Donatella Mattia (Scientific Program, Orals), (Fondazione Santa Lucia, Italy)

José del R. Millán (Abstracts), (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Melody Moore Jackson (NSF Funds), (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Andrea Kübler (Scientific Program, Orals), (Würzburg, Germany)

Nick Ramsey (Chair), (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Marc Slutzky (Scientific Program, Orals, Student Awards, Master Classes), (Northwestern University, USA)

Jonathan Wolpaw (Scientific Program, Orals), (Albany, NY, USA)