Distinction between BCI Meetings and BCI Conferences

The BCI Meetings and BCI Conferences are separate events and series. Aside from being on different continents, they differ substantially in format.

The Seventh BCI Conference was held from Sep 18-22, 2017 in Graz, Austria, where the Eighth BCI Conference is tentatively scheduled between Sep 23-27, 2019. The BCI Conference series focuses heavily on talks and posters. While these are important parts of the BCI Meeting series, the BCI Meetings also feature workshops, virtual fora, and other activities. The BCI Meetings are organized by the BCI Society, whereas the BCI Conferences are organized by the Technical University of Graz.

However, the BCI Conferences are officially endorsed by the BCI Society. We coordinate with each other so there is one conference each year. There is a lot of overlap between the conference organizers, and many of us attend both conference series.