Nomination for Candidate to the Board Election

We are currently accepting nominations for Board service for the 2018 – 2021 board term.

As a member of the BCI Society, you are invited to participate in the election process by nominating candidates or standing for the upcoming board elections.

The Board of the BCI Society consists of 12 seats. Three members are officers: the President, Vice President and Treasurer/Secretary. Officers are elected by the Board and stay on for 2 years. On March 13 of 2018, four members will end their term, which is normally 3 years. However, José del R. Millán will stay on because he is Vice President.

Three seats are open for elections. Seats are associated with specific categories as described below. For this election cycle, to ensure a balanced BCI fields representation, the board has decided to open 2 seats for the implantable BCI fields (IC/IO) and 1 for the non-invasive fields (NC/NO).

The Board members who are currently ending their term are all eligible to be nominated for a second term.


  • Nominee is a full (‘regular’) member of the society. Postdoctoral and Student Members cannot be nominated.
  • All members in good standing (dues paid, no legal dispute with the Society) can nominate and vote. You need to have paid your dues before nominating anyone.
  • Nominee is in good standing. You need to have paid your dues before being nominated.
  • Nominator affirms that nominee is able and willing to accept the position and to commit significant time to it.


If you wish to submit a nomination, please  download the nomination form here and email to



The Board of the BCI Society:


Nick Ramsey (Utrecht, The Netherlands) (President)

José  R. Millán (Lausanne, Switzerland) (Vice-President)

Christoph Guger (Graz, Austria) (Treasurer)

Brendan Z. Allison (San Diego, CA, USA)

Donatella Mattia (Fondazione Santa Lucia, Italy)

Jennifer Collinger (University of Pittsburgh, USA)

Marc Slutzky (Northwestern University, USA)

Shangkai Gao (Beijing, China)– TERM ENDS 2018

Leigh Hochberg (Boston, MA, USA)– TERM ENDS 2018

Jane Huggins (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

Andrea Kübler (Würzburg, Germany)– TERM ENDS 2018

Jonathan Wolpaw (Albany, NY)