Festival Locked-In? Locked-out!

Dancing without movement, painting without hands, empowerment without muscles. Art unites humans regardless of age, profession or disability.

Leiden University  will organize an art festival co-directed by the society for locked-in syndrome, the spinal cord injury association and the society for muscular disorders in the Netherlands on Saturday the 11th of June. The festival brings together people with disability, their friends and family and the general public. We celebrate ability and creativity and provide a future vision on brain-computer interfaces and assistive technology. We have a theater show, a panel debate on art and disability, demonstrations from companies and research groups (e.g. University of Würzburg with Brainpaint) and poems and paintings. In addition, we present new, beautiful or slightly crazy EEG headsets on the Neurocatwalk.
We are looking for people who want to celebrate with us!
We are also looking for creative input, volunteers or financial contributors. Please contact:_info@regieindesign.nl for more information or visit www.regieindesign.nl