Sponsor & Exhibitor Opportunities

The 7th International BCI Meeting has a variety of opportunities available for sponsors and exhibitors.

Why participate?

The BCI Meeting provides an excellent opportunity for companies to gain exposure, build relationships and reach the target market of influential researchers both in the industry and in private universities and research institutions.

  • Connect and strengthen your relationships with leading and emerging researchers and academics.  Gather new knowledge, foster collaborations and build new partnerships with the BCI community
  • Bolster your brand position and visibility. The Meeting provides an easy and effective business and marketing platform to present your products and services, differentiate your company from competitors as well as gain valuable exposure to decision makers.
  • There is a sponsorship opportunity and level that best answers your needs and fits your budget.

Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities

As a Meeting sponsor and exhibitor, you brand will be exposed to more than 400 delegates through pre-Meeting communication as well as special recognition and action during the Meeting.

We would like to thank those of you who have sponsored the BCI Meetings in the past, and look forward to continuing our relationship.  We also welcome new organisations and are excited about creating a collaborative partnership with you.

Sponsorship levels

Diamond – $15,000
Platinum – $10,000
Gold – $5,000
Silver – $2,500
Bronze – $1,250

Additional opportunities

Sponsor a student – $1,500
Promotional items – $750 to $1,500


Table top display – $1,250

Full details on how to get involved can be found in the Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunity Prospectus.

Please send an email to Cendrine De Vis, or reach her by phone at 1 (250) 472-7644 for more information about the Meeting and the opportunities available to you.

Exhibitor Terms and Condition
Sponsor and Exhibitor Registration Site

Thank you to the 2018 BCI Meeting sponsors


g.tec medical engineering GmbH designs brain-computer interface technology (BCI) for EEG and ECoG recordings. The portfolio ranges from active, wet and dry EEG electrodes to 8-256 channel high precision biosignal amplifiers for research and clinical applications. The biosignal amplifiers have CE certification and FDA clearance and meet the rigorous ISO and GMP standards.

g.tec offers a highly flexible brain-computer interface rapid prototyping system that allows users to quickly develop new applications. The platform includes P300, motor imagery, SSVEP, CVEP BCI implementations that are ready to go. This platform can work with external systems like intracranical stimulators and functional electrical stimulators, with support for designing closed-loop experiments. This offers new possibilities like stroke rehabilitation, direct-brain stimulation studies, cortico-cortical evoked potentials or brain mapping.

g.tec offers also a medical product line for stroke rehabilitation, coma assessment and high-gamma brain mapping. The BCI system for stroke rehabilitation is called recoveriX and is internationally used for treatment. mindBEAGLE is a BCI system that allows medical staff to determine whether a patient with a disorder of consciousness is able to understand conversations, and can also allow these patients to answer YES/NO questions. cortiQ is a high-gamma mapping system that can map the eloquent cortex.

Brain Products welcomes you to the BCI2018 Meeting in Asilomar. We are your reliable, innovative and ethical partner in all BCI and neurophysiology research. Brain Products’ hardware applications for BCI, neuroadaptive technologies and symbiotic fields are unparalleled in terms of flexibility and integration.

Just like you, we at Brain Products are always pushing the boundaries of discovery. Our products are being constantly developed and improved to serve you better in your research endeavors. Hardware and software solutions at Brain Products are driven by innovation, close customer interactions and dedication to being on the cutting edge of science. Brain Products does not only develop product and software solutions, we also develop and promote community building and interactions to include researchers with varied backgrounds. In the spirit of growing with the BCI community and related fields, we invite you to join us in the encompassing and emerging field of BCI+. The goal of BCI+ is to address BCI-based research aiming at solutions for users with and without disabilities.  Our satellite workshop “BCI+” is part of this rapidly developing movement and is aimed to equip you with knowledge about hardware and software, provide a hands-on experience with Lab Streaming Layer (LSL), as well as networking opportunities within the BCI+ community.

Our family of completely wireless LiveAmp systems range from 8 to 64 channels, providing an ultra-lightweight and compact solution for flexible portable high-density EEG and other psychophysiological (ExG) recordings. Suitable for conditions either inside or outside the laboratory, the LiveAmp family can be used with a wide range of innovative electrode technologies like active, passive, dry and salt-water net sensors. For stationary EEG recordings, our BrainAmp amplifier remains to be a gold standard within the EEG community, with highest signal quality and a modular setup allowing recordings from 32 to 256 channels.  This diversity of our portfolio opens new possibilities for high quality recordings in many settings with various populations. Both amplifier families, LiveAmp and BrainAmp, fully support open-source software solutions with BCILAB, OpenVIBE, BCI2000 and LSL for all your groundbreaking discoveries.

We look forward to greeting you at our booth where you can speak with our team of experts and see live demonstrations of our equipment. Let us discuss how we can assist you in achieving your next big scientific breakthrough.