About the BCI Society

We are pleased to introduce the BCI Society!

In 2013, at the Fifth International Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Meeting in Pacific Grove, California, the attendees voted for the establishment of a formal BCI society to oversee future meetings and conduct other BCI-related activities. The BCI Society was formally established on March 13, 2015 as an international organization that is legally based in the Netherlands. It is led by a Board comprising members from Europe, North America and Asia.

The purpose of the BCI Society is “to foster research leading to technologies that enable people to interact with the world through brain signals.” To serve this purpose, it will:

  • Organize meetings, beginning with the Sixth International BCI Meeting in May-June 2016
  • Collaborate with other BCI-related organizations and individuals
  • Share research and information among its members
  • Provide BCI-related information and advice to scientific, technical, or clinical organizations, governmental or regulatory entities, scientific or popular media, and the general public
  • Engage in other activities designed to achieve the central purpose of the Society.

The Society seeks members across the broad range of disciplines essential to BCI research and development, including neuroscience, engineering, computer science, mathematics, psychology, clinical neurology and rehabilitation, biomedical ethics, and others. It seeks members using the many different kinds of brain signals that are available, including EEG, ECoG, local field potentials, single-neuron activity, fMRI, fNIRS, and others. And it seeks members pursuing the many potential uses of BCI technology including: restoring communication and control to people who are paralyzed; improving rehabilitation for people with strokes and other neuromuscular disabilities; addressing important basic science questions about brain function; and enhancing or supplementing normal brain function. In sum, the Society encourages all with serious interest and engagement in BCI research and development to participate as members. Membership information and the membership application are available here.  You can also peruse the Constitution of the Brain Computer Interface Society here.