Workshop Proposal Submission

DIRECTIONS for Workshop Proposal Submission

Workshops are a defining feature of the BCI Meeting Series.  BCI Meeting workshops have a distinctive emphasis on interaction and contribution from all members.  They help to shape the field of BCI research, producing consensus and collaborations.

Your proposal should indicate how you intend to involve participants before, during and after the meeting.  Workshops should contain more interaction than merely lectures and question and answer sessions.  Successful proposals will involve interaction among participants to create new knowledge regarding the topic area.

For the submission of a proposal, all items above must be included and follow the format.

A workshop should have at least 4 persons from different labs organizing it and the organizers have to guarantee that they are available to do the workshop in Asilomar.

The final selection is made by the Program Committee, whose primary consideration is to determine what will best serve the interests of the Society and the success of the meeting. The committee may suggest substitutions of speakers or chairs. The committee may decide to combine two proposals into one and suggest which speakers should be retained in that event. Suggestions arising from discussions of the Program Committee are passed on directly to the proposed chair.

The organizer must be prepared to provide a conflict of interest (COI) disclosure for each speaker. A relevant COI is a financial relationship to a product or device from a commercial interest associated with the topic on which one is speaking.

Specific instructions for fields:

Pre-submission description:  Researchers and/or practitioners wishing to organize workshops should submit an informal 5-line workshop description to for pre-acceptance. These short descriptions will be screened to minimize topic overlaps and to join groups together.


Full Proposal (due 31 December, 2017):

 Abstract (not more than 200 words): The Abstract must be completed for submission review and for publication in conference program. It should clearly and succinctly summarize the session content and learning objectives so that conference attendees can choose workshops when they register.

Workshop includes: Specify what type(s) of activities your workshop includes.

 Length: All workshops should be 3 hours in length, including a 15 min coffee break.

Timetable: Specifically describe how workshop time will be allocated and outline what each presenter will contribute. You should provide enough detail so that Reviewers will have a clear idea about the workshop content and its overall organization.  If there are multiple presenters for your workshop, please specify the presenter name and session content for each time allocation. The total time within the time table must equal 3 hours.


Time in min Title Presenter(s) Presentation format, activities planned
20 min Introductions & Overview J. Smith Lecture.  PowerPoint with slide from each participant
15 min Overview: Clinical BCIs T. Rogers Powerpoint
20 min Brainstorming of primary barriers to clinical use. J. Smith (leader) Group discussion
40 min Prioritizing Clinical Barriers A. Blanco (leader) Group discussion
15 min Coffee Break Informal discussion
3 hours total


Intended audience: Describe in this field the audience for which the workshop is suitable and the background they should have (e.g. neuroscientist, engineer, clinician …). This information will be included with the workshop description to help attendees select their workshops.

Audience Preparation: Describe any advance preparation that will be expected from the audience.  E.g., participation in a wiki or discussion group before the Meeting, reviewing a paper, preparing a slide introducing their lab’s work, etc.

Learning Objectives:  List a minimum of 3 Learning Objectives for your session. This information will be included with the workshop description to help attendees select their workshops. Learning objectives tell the participant exactly what skills or new information they can expect to learn from your session; provide structure to your session; create an organized learning experience for your participants; and market your session.  Objectives that are not written in concrete, measurable terms will be returned to presenter-candidates for re-write.

Need for workshop:  Provide a brief description of why this workshop is needed and how the need was identified.

Expected Output: Describe any expected output from the workshop.  E.g. Do you expect to publish a review paper or tutorial paper for submission to the special issue of the Journal of Neural Engineering?  Do you expect to create guidelines or agreement on a particular topic?  Etc.

Quiz to evaluate learning objectives:  Please provide a quiz (and answer key) that can be used to assess how well the learning objectives were accomplished.  The quiz should have at least 5 questions and may contain multiple choice, true/false, or fill in the blank questions. 

Workshop Proposal Form

Use this form to submit a workshop proposal. Complete the fields in this section. All fields are required. The length of the proposal should not exceed 5 pages (not counting the instructions). Information from this form will be used on the website, and in the program book. Please DOWNLOAD THE FORM, then email the completed form to: