Workshop on Symbiotic Interaction

The International Workshop on Symbiotic Interaction is the primary venue to present scientific works dealing with the symbiotic relationships between humans and computers and to discuss the nature and implications of such relationship, including ethics. The idea of symbiotic systems put forward in this workshop capitalizes on the computers’ ability to implicitly (even subliminally) detect the users’ goals, preferences or/and psychophysiological states and to modify its output accordingly. The workshop comes back to Padua this year after three successful editions in London, Helsinki and Berlin and extends its scope to qualitative research.

The emphasis is on user‐driven research on symbiotic systems, adaptive systems, implicit input data, physiological computing and BCI, but also on understanding more deeply the nature of the interdependence and agency between computers and humans.

For deadlines, highlights, and other information, please visit:
Location: Padua, Italy
Date:     September 29-30, 2016