Master Classes

Each masterclass will have a ‘master’, i.e. a senior researcher, and one or two students depending on the session. Anyone else is free to attend and contribute but only 2 students get to present their work. Each student presents his/her research (10-15 minutes), then the master provides wise and constructive comments and discussion is encouraged with the audience. The masterclass is informal and is intended to give students access to senior expertise and get good tips for their research.

Master classes are scheduled on Wednesday, June 7 and Thursday, June 8, 20:15- 21:15.


Intended audience

Any students (undergrad, graduate or working on a PhD) are invited to apply.  Students selected for an oral presentation, are not eligible to present at a Master Class.  However, they can participate as an audience member.



 Students are expected to present a 10 to 15-minute talk based on the abstract they submitted for a poster submission.


Master Class area

1-Signal analysis,
2-Signal acquisition,
3-BCI implant-control,
4-BCI implant- other,
5-BCI non implanted- control,
6-BCI non implanted- other,
7-Users aspects: experience, ethics


To apply for a Master Class

Students apply to participate as a presenter in a Mater Class by indicating so in the abstract submission form. Closer to Meeting time, students will be contacted to confirm the presentation, the ‘master’ as well as the time of the Master Class.


Deadline for application

 Oral and Poster submission deadine: January 23, 2023