Research Sessions

The Research Sessions represent research contributed by the BCI Society members.  We thank all submitters for contributing to the Scientific Program.


Research Session 1, Monday June 7

Sponsored by

Nicholas Opie, The University of Melbourne       
Preliminary results from the Stentrode BCI first in human trial
Nicholas L Opie, Peter E Yoo, Gil S Rind, Stephen M Ronayne, Christin Bird, Peter J Mitchell, Bruce Campbell, Andrew Morkoff, Thomas J Oxley

Sarah Wandelt, California Institute of Technology            
Grasp concept encoding through different sensory modalities in human posterior parietal cortex
Sarah K Wandelt, Spencer Kellis, Luke Bashford, Brian A Lee, Charles Liu, Richard Andersen

Marie-Constance Corsi, ICM
Functional connectivity predicts MI-based BCI learning
Marie-Constance Corsi, Mario Chavez, Denis Schwartz, Nathalie George, Laurent Hugueville, Ari E Kahn, Sophie Dupont, Danielle S Bassett, Fabrizio De Vico Fallani

Yiyuan Han, University of Esse
Prediction of tonic pain using support vector machines with phase-based connectivity features
Yiyuan Han, Elia Valentini, Sebastian Halder

James Norton, Wadsworth Center          
A BCI for automatically assessing color vision
James J Norton, Grace F DiRisio, Jonathan S Carp, Jonathan R Wolpaw

Ephrem Zewdie, University of Calgary    
Influence of corticomotor reorganization on BCI performance in children with hemiparetic cerebral palsy
Ephrem Zewdie, Zeanna Jadavji, Hsing-Ching Kuo, Adam Kirton


Research Session 2, Wednesday, June 9

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Sebastian Castaño-Candamil, University of Freiburg
Supervised decoding of motor performance from EEG signals in Parkinson’s disease patients undergoing DBS
Sebastián Castaño-Candamil, Tobias Piroth, Peter Reinacher, Bastian Sajonz, Volker A. Coenen, Michael Tangermann

Jelena Mladenovic, Inria and Inserm
Biased Feedback Influences Learning in Motor Imagery BCI training
Jelena Mladenovic, Jeremy Frey, Smeety Pramij, Jeremie Mattout, Fabien Lotte

Fumiaki Iwane, The University of Texas at Austin
Decoding of error-related potentials for characterizing individual subjective preferences
Fumiaki Iwane, Shupeng Wei, Inaki Iturrate, Iason Batzianoulis, Ricardo Chavarriaga, Aude Billard, José del R Millán

Valeria Mondini, Graz University of Technology
Low frequency EEG-based movement decoding for the continuous online control of a robotic arm
Valeria Mondini, Reinmar J Kobler, Víctor Martínez-Cagigal, Andreea I Sburlea, Gernot R Müller-Putz

Anouck Schippers, University Medical Center Utrecht
Five years of Utrecht NeuroProsthesis: The value of a BCI implant in late stage ALS
Anouck Schippers, Sacha Leinders, Elmar Pels, Zachary V Freudenburg, Mariana P Branco, Francisco D Guerreiro Fernandes, Erik J Aarnoutse, Mariska J Vansteensel, Nick F Ramsey

Jeffrey Weiss, University of Pittsburgh
Independent home use of a portable intracortical BCI
Jeffrey M Weiss, Grace A Brueggman, Brian M Dekleva, Nikhil Verma, Michael L Boninger, Jennifer L Collinger