Research Sessions

The Research Sessions represent research contributed by the BCI Society members.  We thank all submitters for contributing to the Scientific Program.

Research Session 1: Thursday, June 8th, 2023 @ 13:30 – 15:30

Misako Komatsu, Tokyo Institute of Technology
The whole-cortical ECoG reveals association cortices contribute multimodal intentional decoding
Misako Komatsu; Motoshige Sato; Akito Yoshida; Joji Tsunada; Shuntaro Sasai


Ilaria Quattrocciocchi, Sapienza University of Rome
EEG-based quantitative measures to support the clinical prognosis of disorders of consciousness
Ilaria Quattrociocchi; Angela Riccio; Mariagrazia D’Ippolito; Marta Aloisi; Rita Formisano; Donatella Mattia; Jlenia Toppi


Xuan Ma, Northwestern University
Aligning M1 neural activity with Cycle-GAN to stabilize brain computer interface
Fabio Rizzoglio; Lee Miller; Ann Kennedy


Stephanie Cernera, University of California, San Francisco
At-home, embedded closed-loop deep brain stimulation using data-driven neural physiomarkers alleviates residual motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease
Carina Oehrn; Lauren Hammer; Jiaang Yao; Maria Shcherbakova; Amelia Hahn; Sarah Wang; Caroline Belkoura; Jill Ostrem; Clay Smyth; Simon Little; Philip Starr


John Downey, University of Chicago
Coordinated arm movements are better represented in motor cortex than isolated movements
Nicholas Hatsopoulos; Lee Miller; Jennifer Collinger; Matthew Kaufman; Sliman Bensmaia


Andres Agudelo-Toro, German Primate Center
Accurate neuroprosthetic control via neural manifold shaping
Jonathan Michaels; Wei-An Sheng; Hansjörg Scherberger


Research Session 2: Friday, June 9th, 2023 @ 13:30 – 15:30

Angela Riccio, Fondazione Santa Lucia
Detecting fluctuation of responsiveness in minimally conscious state patients
Angela Riccio; Valentina Caracci; Quattrociocchi Ilaria; Valentina Galiotta; Pietro Aricò; Gianluca Di Flumeri; Jlenia Toppi; Mariagrazia D’Ippolito; Rita Formisano; Febo Cincotti; Donatella Mattia


Whitney Griggs, Caltech
A functional ultrasound brain-machine interface: real-time decoding of direction and task state
Whitney Griggs; Sumner Norman; Thomas Deffieux; Florian Segura; Bruno Félix Osmanski; Geeling Chau; Vasileios Christopoulos; Charles Liu; Mickael Tanter; Mikhail Shapiro; Richard Andersen


Floriana Pichiorri, Fondazione Santa Lucia
Identifying the best candidates for a rehabilitative BCI targeting upper limb motor recovery
Jlenia Toppi; Emma Colamarino; Elena Mongiardini; Andrea Ranieri; Matteo Lorusso; Federica Tamburella; Febo Cincotti; Donatella Mattia


Michael Wimmer, Know-Center
Toward hybrid BCI: EEG and pupillometric signatures of error perception in an immersive navigation task in VR
Nicole Weidinger; Eduardo Veas; Gernot Müller-Putz


Léa Pillette, University of Rennes
An online tool to facilitate the assessment of BCI acceptability
Elise Grevet; Claire Dussard; Franck Amadieu; David Gasq; Emeline Pierrieau; Jacques Py; Hakim Si-Mohammed; Nathalie George; Camille Jeunet


Evandro Cunha, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG)
Mapping Research on Brain-Computer Interfaces for Augmentative and Alternative Communication Across the Globe
Evandro Cunha

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