Scheduled Satellite Events

The following Satellite Events are scheduled during the 8th International BCI Meeting

The brain-computer interface designers hackathon


Hackathons are brainstorming and collaborative marathons designed to rapidly produce fully functional BCI prototypes and provide an environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The BCI hackathon brings developers, technologists, engineers, students, artists, and scientists together in teams of 5 participants each over 2 days to cram and build solutions that they can present and are designed to be a learning experience for everyone. By putting creative minds from multiple disciplines together for a short period of time, we have the opportunity to discover and uncover possibilities for using BCI-related hardware and software not readily thought of.

Anyone can participate who has interests in BMI, BCI, robotics, AR, VR, machine learning, computing, sensors, human-machine interface systems, control, signal processing, big data, haptics, rehabilitation, and similar areas. One does not have to be a BMI expert to participate on a team! Interdisciplinary teams with a combination of BMI and non-BMI skills are often successful in building solutions and producing working prototypes.

For more info and to apply, please see

12th BCI2000 Workshop


This will be a hands-on, interactive event to teach and train attendees in the underlying concepts and use of BCI2000. Attendees will learn about established and new capabilities of BCI2000 through lectures, programming exercises and firsthand experience using EEG systems with BCI2000.

While there are no official prerequisites, we recommend that attendees download BCI2000 and familiarize themselves with it prior to the workshop. Attendees should be comfortable with programming and have a strong interest in real-time EEG applications. Please see for more information about BCI2000, including the “Getting Started” guide, tutorials, system features, and links to create an account and download BCI2000.

There are no registration fees.  You may register via the BCI Meeting registration form. 

Please email Markus Adamek at with questions.

BCI Foundation Award Ceremony

The International BCI Award, endowed with 6,000 USD, is one of the top accolades in BCI research. The BCI Award was created to recognize outstanding and innovative research in the field of Brain-Computer Interfaces. 12 projects are nominated before the winner is announced at the BCI Award Ceremony.

To submit your BCI project, please see the website

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