Machine Learning for BCI

5:00pm CET, 11:00am EST, 8:00am PST, 12:00am CST Presented by Christian Herff, Maastricht University Recorded brain activity displays complex non-linear dynamics and is highly participant and even session dependent. Furthermore, […]

EEG Analysis

1:00am CEST, 7:00pm EST, 4:00pm PST Presented by Jason Palmer, Osaks University Title and abstract to come

WS 4: Biomimetic approaches to restore somatosensation

3:00pm CET, 9:00am EST, 6:00am PST, 1:00am AEDT, 10:00pm CST Registration deadline: April 1 Presenters Robert Gaunt, University of Pittsburgh Sliman Bensmaia, University of Chicago Warren Grill, Duke University Silvestro […]

Adaptive BCI invasive

6:00pm (CEST)/12:00pm (EST)/9:00am (PST) Presented by Amy Orsborn, University of Washington Design considerations for closed-loop decoder adaptation algorithms in invasive BCIs Closed-loop decoder adaptation (CLDA) is a powerful technique in […]

WS 5: Open-source Python tools for BCIs

4:00pm CET, 10:00am EST, 7:00am PST, 2:00am AEDT, 11:00pm CST Registration deadline: April 15 Presenters Pierre Clisson, Mindify Sylvain Chevallier, LISV, University of Versailles Marco Congedo, GIPSA-lab, CNRS, University of […]

Adaptive BCI non-invasive

6:00pm (CEST)/12:00pm (EST)/9:00am (PST) Presented by Serafeim Perdikis, University of Essex Adaptation and learning in non-invasive brain-computer interaction Non-invasive brain-computer interface (BCI) has entered an era of relative technological maturity, […]

WS 6: Non-invasive BCIs for people with cerebral palsy

10:00pm CET, 4:00pm EST, 1:00pm PST, 8:00am AEDT, 5:00am (CST) Registration deadline: May 13, 2021 Presenters Jane Huggins, University of Michigan Katya Hill, University of Pittsburgh Petra Karlsson, Cerebral Palsy […]