Oregon Health & Science University is recruiting for a postdoctoral fellow or
research engineer who will serve as the project leader using human
electrophysiology to develop new brain-computer interfaces. Experiments are
conducted in human subjects with novel ultra high-density platinum nanorod
subdural microgrids during awake craniotomies as well as with subacutely
implanted clinical stereoencephalography electrodes and subdural grids.

Facility with programming in Matlab and/or Python is required. Experience with
neural signal processing, big data processing/machine learning techniques,
embedded systems programming, basic electronic circuit design and layout, and/or
medical image processing would be beneficial. This position would be appropriate
for somebody with previous training or work experience in neural engineering,
computational neuroscience, computer science, electrical and computer
engineering, physics, mathematics, and/or neuroscience.

Primary duties will include data collection and analysis, as well as developing
scientific ideas, writing grant applications and manuscripts, and management and
supervision of research assistants. Candidates should be comfortable interacting
with research participants in an inpatient setting. Work will be conducted under
the direction of Dr. Kelly Collins (PI) as part of the Papé Family Pediatric Research
Institute at OHSU.

For further information please contact Dr. Kelly Collins: collkell@ohsu.edu.