We are seeking multiple postdoctoral candidates or engineers for research into a
“read/write” neural interface for stroke. The positions are based at the University of
California, San Francisco (Weill Institute for Neuroscience, Mission Bay Campus).
This project is based on a newly funded 3-year multi-institution Weill NeuroHub grant to
establish “neural co-processors” to improve neural dynamics after stroke. A core goal is
to use reinforcement learning methods to optimize closed-loop stimulation. It is in
collaboration with Anca Dragan at UC Berkeley and Rajesh Rao at UW.

Our own lab’s efforts, which are complementary to this grant, are also supported by 5-
year NIH RO1s. More generally, our research takes a systems level perspective to the
neurobiology underlying motor control in both normal and pathological conditions
(http://gangulylab.org/). We are particularly interested in understanding how the motor
network, a highly adaptive system of interconnected cortical and subcortical areas, is
involved in the learning and the execution of skilled behaviors. Moreover, we aim to
develop neuro-physiologically inspired neural interfaces to improve motor function.

Research activities include working with either rodents or non-human primates,
development of computational models of multi-area dynamics and development of next-generation
stimulation methods. Ideal candidates will have experience/familiarity in some
or all of the following:
• High-channel count recordings in animals
• Real-time neural signal processing
• Writing custom programs to control electrical and/or optical stimulation
• Computational or biomechanical modeling
An advanced degree in Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Neuroscience
is preferred but other applicants will be considered.

This is a great opportunity to work with our interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers
and clinicians. Please send a CV and 3 names of potential letters of reference to
karunesh.ganguly@ucsf.edu. UCSF is an equal opportunity employer, and we
encourage applications from a diverse range of candidates.

Karunesh Ganguly, MD PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Neurology
Center for Neural Engineering and Prosthetics (CNEP), UC Berkeley and UCSF