Board nominations open February 1

Member of the BCI Society are invited to participate in the election process by voting in the Board elections.

The Board of the BCI Society consists of 12 seats. Four members are Officers:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Past President
  • Treasurer/Secretary

Officers are elected by the Board and stay on for 2 years.  Board members are elected for 3 years and a maximum of 2 terms.

Four seats are open for elections

Natalie Mrachacz-Kersting and Yiwen Wang are eligible to be nominated for a second term. Donatella Mattia has reached the term limitation and cannot be nominated. José del R. Millán will roll off the board.  We will seek to maintain a balance between researchers with a focus on implanted and non-invasive BCIs.

Current Board

  • Jennifer Collinger (President), (IC) term ends 2023
  • Mariska Vansteensel (Vice-President), (IC) term ends 2025
  • José del R. Millán (Past President), (NC) term ends 2023
  • Gernot Müller-Putz (Treasurer), (NC) term ends 2024

Natalie Mrachacz-Kersting, (NO) term ends 2023
Donatella Mattia, (NC) term ends 2023
Yiwen Wang, (IC) term ends 2023
Reinhold Scherer, (NC) term ends in 2024
Marc Slutzky, (IO) term ends in 2024
Dean J. Krusienski, (NI) term ends in 2025
Davide Valeriani, (NI) term ends in 2025
Theresa Vaughan, (NI) term ends in 2025

NC: Non-invasive Control (restoring or replacing movement or communication) 
NO: Non-invasive Other (rehabilitation, enhancing/supplementing, stimulating) 
IC: Implantable Control (restoring or replacing movement or communication) 
IO: Implantable Other (rehabilitation, enhancing/supplementing, stimulating)

The selection of the slate will be made by the Board Nomination Committee consisting of the President, Vice President and an independent Society member. Selection is based on service to the BCI Society (e.g. at the BCI Society meetings), contributions to BCI research and development, and diversity, and will be confirmed by the Board. The procedure is laid down in the Bylaws which can be found here.

– Nominee is a full (‘regular’) member of the society. Postdoctoral and Student Members cannot be nominated.
– All members in good standing (dues paid, no legal dispute with the Society) can nominate and vote. Nominator needs to have paid membership dues before nominating anyone.
– Nominee is in good standing. Membership dues need to be paid before being nominated.
– Nominator affirms that nominee is able and willing to accept the position and to commit significant time to it. This includes participation in in 4-6 Board meetings per year and active involvement in at least one committee.


Submitting Nominations

If you wish to submit a nomination, please download the nomination form below and email it to cendrine@podiumconferences.com.

Election calendar

Nominations open: February 1, 2023
Nominations close: March 13, 2023

Elections open: April 10, 2023
Elections close: April 24, 2023