Satellite Events

The main conference is scheduled from May 21-25, 2018. However, we are also offering several engaging satellite events.

Satellite Event Schedule

BCI Hackathon
May 20-21, 2018

This is the first time that the BCI Meeting is hosting a Brain-Computer Interface Designer Hackathon. The BCI Hackathon is a brainstorming and collaborative marathon designed to rapidly produce fully functional BCI prototypes. The BCI Hackathon provides an environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. Learn more about the BCI Hackathon projects and teams, how to form or join one, and how to register HERE

Brain Products
BCI+ — Hands-on workshop presenting a framework for BCI-related research
Monday, 21st, 8:45am – 14:45pm


  • Welcome and Introduction (30mn): BCI+ — Scientific Overview by Dr. Thorsten O. Zander
  • A BCI-Framework (2 hrs): LSL, BCI-Toolboxes and Hardware by Dr. David E. Medine
  • Break and Discussion (1 hr)
  • Hands-On (1 hr): Hardware
  • Live Experiment (1.5 hrs): Team PhyPA (TU Berlin) demonstrates a neuroadaptive Game (incl. EEG, Eye-Tracking and implicit control)

You can register for this workshop when you register for the BCI Meeting.

Cognitive Revolution Symposium
Saturday, May 19
swissnex San Francisco , Pier 17, Suite 800, San Francisco

The Cognitive Revolution Symposium is a one-day event inspired by Mental Work taking place at swissnex San Francisco on Saturday, May 19.

Organized by the Geneva Center for Security Policy, ETH Zurich’s Health Ethics and Policy Lab, and swissnex San Francisco, the symposium aims to convene experts from BCI research, AI, neuroscience, ethics, international security, policy, social science, human rights, education, design, and communication, with a twofold objective:

  1. Identify and prioritize ethical, social, and security dilemmas around the convergence of human and artificial intelligence
  2. Envision strategies to promote a culture of responsibility around those dilemmas

Places are limited. To register your interest in participating, please email us.